The limiting factor in the STEM pursuit

December 17, 2017 0

Scanning through the current news articles, I saw a real blast from the past.  On Dec 2, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft fires some booster thrusters that have been unused since 1980.  Wow, does this bring […]

Science Does Not “Prove” Anything True

October 13, 2017 0

A HUGE problem we have in today’s society is the understanding of the nature of science.  I watch interviews with people on television that deny science simply because THEY don’t personally believe it for a variety […]

Introduction and Cosmic Rays!

October 12, 2017 0

Greetings. This should be the first of several opportunities that I will have to share some of the wonderful world of physics with you.  Having taught physics for over 20 years has given me some […]