The limiting factor in the STEM pursuit

December 17, 2017 0

Scanning through the current news articles, I saw a real blast from the past.  On Dec 2, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft fires some booster thrusters that have been unused since 1980.  Wow, does this bring […]

Life in the spotlight

December 14, 2017 0

Few can call themselves a thespian, fewer than that can say they’ve performed on Broadway. Director of Theater Cara Kem can say both. Since taking over the theatre program in 2014, Kem has used this […]

D.I.Y. to destress

December 10, 2017 0

  Specialty Lamp Shade   Items Needed: Lamp Shade Picture Construction Paper Sewing Needle Directions 1. Measure your lamp shade. 2. Print o a picture to the size of lamp shade. 3. Grab your sewing […]

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