Kicking Off Your Sunday

How to Prep a Super Bowl Party

            The Super Bowl, honestly, should be considered a national holiday in the United States since so many people watch and celebrate it. And what must go into national holidays? Preparation! Below you’ll find the game plan of how to make your Super Bowl party the G.O.A.T. (aka the Tom Brady of parties).


Step 1: the Pregame Show

            Essentially, the “pregame show” of your party will happen a few days in advance. It’ll be sending out invites, cleaning your pad (or reserving a table or booth wherever you wish), making sure Eagles and Patriots fans (if you so wish to have them) can either get along or be separated, things like that. Use the “pregame show” step to make sure you have all of the pre-party necessities out of the way.

Step 2: the Coin Toss

            It’s the day of the Super Bowl, and you need to start setting up your party. Streamers, paper plates, napkins, and utensils are essential for the party. But even more essential are the snacks.

            Snacks can make or break a Super Bowl party, and it’s very important what kind of snacks you include, so I’ll break it down into two words repeated three times: Finger foods, finger foods, finger foods.

            Finger foods that are good to have for a Super Bowl party include chips, chips and dip, pinwheels, trail mix, little smokies, anything pizza (pizza rolls, pizza bagels, regular pizza), cookies, wings, club sandwiches, and nachos.

            For drinks, pretty much anything goes.

Step 3: the Kickoff

            Step three includes the kickoff, as in the kickoff of your soon-to-be rockin’ party. This is where you greet everyone coming in, playing the good host before the game starts. Getting drinks, helping people get food, and socializing are all part of this step.

Step 4: the Game (first half)

            When the game starts, that’s when you switch from “good host” to “go help yourselves, I’m watching football.” During the game portion, everybody should be watching the game, possibly discussing game strategies and rooting for a chosen team, but most definitely discussing and enjoying the Super Bowl ads.

Step 5: the Halftime Show

            When the halftime show starts, that’s when you switch back to the good host. Of course, make sure you watch the halftime show, but also take this time to refill the snacks table, refresh drinks, discuss the game, and admire Justin Timberlake during his halftime performance. This step should be checking on those you forgot about while you were watching the first half of the game.

Step 6: the Game (second half)

            When the halftime performance is over and the second half of the game starts again, revert back to the ardent football fan. Borderline forget about the company around you; just make sure you are able to watch the game.

Step 7: the End of Regulation

            The end of regulation is when the game has ended and the party starts dying down. Having reverted back to the good host, you attend to your visitors until everyone leaves.

Step 8: the Presentation of the Lombardi Trophy

            Once everyone has left and you are able to fully say you had the GOAT party, you can relax and feel good about the memories you made that night.

Step 9: the Cleanup of the Confetti Cannons

            Step nine is the step you realize you have a lot of cleaning to do, so you get to work. Using multiple trash bags to pick up the trash and Tupperware to keep leftovers, you clean.

Step 10: the Going to Disneyworld

            After everything is done—party, cleanup, snacks—you are now able to chill, relax, and take a load off. Maybe even go to Disneyworld—and by Disneyworld, go to your favorite spot and have fun. Reward yourself for all your hard work. Job well done.