Cowley adds weights club

In case you’ve dropped the bar as of late, Cowley recently beefed up its list of clubs by adding a weights club to its repertoire. The weights club is sponsored by Sam Vogele and was initiated by freshman Matthew Fox.
“I was getting bored in the weight room just lifting against myself,” said Fox, “ I wanted some competition to help me train. Plus I thought I could help out some other people who wanted to get into lifting.”
The club currently has 12 members. There has not been a strong presence of the club this year since it only began in late March. However, Fox is looking to take the club a step forward next semester.
“The major goal is to get kids together to have lifting partners and to share ideas for workouts.”
The club will meet bi-monthly to max-out on bench, squat, and deadlift in the Wellness Center. Together members will; work out together, discuss different techniques, and talk about other nutritional habits. Fox said he hopes after he has left Cowley the program will continue to grow, possibly even to start competing in collegiate lifting meets.
“Next year I’m going to recruit some guys into the club. And we’re going to go up to meets; not as a club representing Cowley but just as individuals. It would be really cool if we got to the point where we could represent the school at a collegiate level at a meet, or even host one,” said Fox.

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