For the love of the game

From a young age we are taught that you do something because you love to do it.

Especially in sports the love of the game is perhaps the biggest catalyst towards playing them.

We see that through pee wee and rec leagues, middle school, high school varsity, and into a college level.

Somewhere in the transition between the college and professional level though, that love of the game seems to be replaced by how many zeroes will be added at the end of the number on that contract.

Capitalism in sports has reared its ugly head, as athletes seem to care more about fast cars, big houses, and ostentatious jewelry then about the game itself.

It’s weird that as a kid, all we could ever think about was becoming a pro athlete when we grow up because that’s what we love to do. Nothing excited us more than the opportunity to get paid to play a game. 

I’m not trying to say that athletes shouldn’t be paid or even that they shouldn’t be paid a little higher than other occupations because of the risk of injury. It’s just when you’re getting paid 80 million dollars to swing a bat, throw a ball, or shoot a basket, things seem to be a little backwards.

Could a million a year not suffice the social needs of these athletes? For that matter could $285,000 a year, which according to is the minimum salary for a player in the NFL, not still pay for a better than average life. 

Hardworking Americans try to earn the right to a respectable $50,000 a year. Plus I don’t see any big athletic companies offering any endorsements to Professor whoever or Lieutenant what’s his name.

Would you still buy Nike shoes if it was Dr. James instead of Lebron James in the commercials? 

Athletes are hard working and very driven people, who have worked to accomplish their goals.

My argument is just that maybe you could do without those millions of dollars.  Is it necessary to own a Lamborghini, a Camaro, and a Benz. Couldn’t they do without that five million dollar mansion?

There are just so many uneeded material things that people will waste their money on.

Yes athletes should be rewarded; yes the number should be a little higher than what may even be reasonable. I just feel that players just seem to have forgotten why we really play sports.

It’s not for that Rolls Royce, that 100 inch plasma screen or even that grotto out by the pool.

It’s because we love the game, because we like to be apart of something, and because when you hit that field, court, or pool for just a little bit of time it is just you and the game and it’s a beautiful relationship.

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