High school seniors invited to Fine Arts Day

Imagine a day where art of all kinds fill the Brown Center. Paintings, drawings, and sculpture, even some music and drama. Such is Fine Arts day, an event that will take place on March 3 in the Brown Center.

Fine Arts day is primarily geared towards high school students that come from the many colleges around campus. It is to show Cowley’s fine arts programs like theater, music and art. At the same time the College uses it as a tool to recruit students and award scholarships.

“[Fine Arts day] is a day where Cowley showcases the arts offered at Cowley to area high school students and instructors,” said Art Instruction Mike Fell, who is the coordinator for Fine Arts day. “It consists of live presentations, college campus tours, a luncheon, an awards ceremony for the Prodigy art awards, and auditions and portfolio reviews for scholarships. Students get to see the campus and receive lots of information about Cowley.”

Cowley sends out invitations for Fine Arts day to many of the high schools in the area. “If [a student] has ever inquired that they are interested in any of the fine arts areas in a contact card from us at any of our high school visits we send out mailings to them,” said Admission Representative Lory West, who is helping to coordinate Fine Arts day. “We also contact the counselors and instructors at various high schools for different fine arts areas and let them know that way so that they can let the students know to get involved and come to Fine Arts day.” She also explained that they try to contact high schools within a two and a half hour radius about the event.

West also explained that to register for Fine Arts day all a student has to do is go to the www.cowley.edu/admissions and register there.

Fine Arts day offers many advantages for high school students looking into colleges. “[Student’s] can see what is offered at Cowley in the Fine Arts areas, meet the instructors, and compete for scholarship awards which could allow them to pursue a degree at Cowley,” said Fell. “It gives art students an event close to home, other than the Scholastic art competition in Wichita, in which they may compete and show their art along with their peers.”

After Fine Arts day, Cowley also tries to follow up with the students and keep them involved. “When [students] register we have all their information,” said West. “And then afterwards we always send out a postcard to all the students that come saying: Thanks for coming to our campus, let us know if you have any questions or if you’re interested in anything and need more information.”

“We always want lots of students to come. Also, the big thing is that we can showcase how great our programs are here on campus. We want everyone to see how great out fine arts departments are,” said West.

As Fell said, he hopes “that everything will run according to plan and that lots of students will come and participate, learn lots about what Cowley has to offer them, and enjoy it so much that they will decide that this is where they want to get the first two years of their college education.”

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