Frank Ocean is Back and Better Than Ever

Four years later, Frank Ocean finally releases his sophomore album

Frank Ocean is Back and Better Than Ever

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After over a year of disappointment and false promises, Frank Ocean made his triumphant return to the music scene. Visually appealing, easy on the ears, and definitely worth the wait. Blonde, Ocean’s sophomore album, debuted at number 1 on the billboard top 200 charts, beating out his first album Channel Orange from its 27 highest ranking.

Blonde has drawn a lot of praise from fans, and celebrities such as Kanye West, Tyler the Creator and Zac Efron.




Sophomore Yvette Rosales has been a fan of Ocean since she was in middle school, and has listened to Blonde every day since its release on August 20th. Rosales commented, “I never gave up because I know [Ocean] was bound to drop [Blonde] soon. I was willing to wait as long as I could.” Rosales went on to say that she expected the album to be good, and that it definitely was as good as she had hoped. “I was still listening to his first album this year and I never got tired of it, so I think that’s why I was willing to wait.” Rosales said.

The four year absence since Channel Orange was a long wait for die hard fans of Ocean, lying and waiting for the fateful day that he would return. Twitter user @therealversace tweeted, “FRANK OCEAN JUST DROPPED A NEW ALBUM AND IM DONE WITH LIFE #Blonde sademoji cryingemoji”. Rosales tweeted after the album drop, “I can’t explain how happy I am. Thank you Frank Ocean”.

The wait is finally over, and the public has made their opinions heard. Blonde is everything that Frank Ocean fans have been waiting for and so much more. The question people are left with now is, “How long will Frank Ocean be gone this time?” Only time will tell.