Never too late to start a new career at Cowley

Making the transition from high school to college is often a difficult one.  Sometimes people feel intimidated by college life and will instead go straight into the workforce.  But no matter how long you have been out of school, there is always time to go back and make something of yourself.  This is the story of someone who is doing just that. 

When LeBron James graduated from high school in Akron Ohio, he decided he would forgo college and enter the NBA draft, making a meager starting salary of 13 million in three years.  He garnered some minor success leading his team to the NBA finals, winning the MVP trophy in 2009, and winning an Olympic gold medal, but he decided he wanted to do more with his life.  That is why he chose to enroll at Cowley College next semester to major in pre-nursing.

“I chose Cowley because DeSalme spent so much time recruiting me.  Also you have a very nice pre-nursing program,” said James.

James will be planning on trying out for the basketball team next year also.  Everyone is hoping that he can bring some of his professional experience to the team.  

Not everyone is exited about this decision.  Head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mike Brown said, “What is this guy thinking?”

Basketball enthusiast and President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai said, “Who the fruit are you and how did you get in here.”

Even with the addition of LeBron, Cowley will still have some stiff competition next year.  Kobe Bryant recently enrolled with Butler County, Dwight Howard signed with Coffeyville, and Tracy McGrady just signed with Johnson County.  

After Cowley, LeBron plans on going to a larger school and play basketball there, like George Mason or Lehigh.  He is hoping that someday he can become a registered nurse.

Reader’s note: This story is purely satirical and is a spoof specifically for April Fools’ Day.

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