The new face of Facebook

With the many rumors going on in the news one conclusion can be made. Facebook has finally been bought.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg finally sold Facebook to Microsoft for an untold amount of money. The reason for the secrecy is part of the contract. Microsoft will now have access to millions of peoples account information including address, pictures, birth dates, etc., Microsoft has also renamed Facebook into Microbook.

Along with any Microsoft service Microbook will now be a charge to use service. Just like Xbox Live and such Microbook users will be charge an annual fee of $59.95. New users and old users will have to have a credit card on file in order for them to use Microbook.

Other things such as applications will now be closely monitored by Microsoft in case of any breach of contract. With this being said many users are outraged at the idea of having their information taken without their knowing.

Many students have decided to close their accounts all together but unfortunately they cannot because of the payment policy. When Microbook was bought users have to pay the fee right then and there to even close their accounts .With that being said many users are unable to get into their accounts to close.

With the many complaints being sent to Microsoft and phone calls Microsoft is working on finding a solution that will benefit both parties.

One solution is having free Microbook weekends where users can login during those weekends and decided to either stay with Microbook or close their account altogether. 

The same concept is used on Xbox live such as gold users versus silver users. Silver users are occasionally given free gold memberships for weekend deals to play online with friends and such.

Other issues that have came up with Microbook is that there are many versions of Microbook out there and only people that have the latest version are able to get the full capability of the site. Mac users are also unable to login into Microbook because of conflicting operating systems and other anomalies as they happen.

The only competition that Microsoft is facing is Apple. Apple has made an even better Microbook that is five times as fast, runs on any operating system but can only be accessed between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. CST.

With that being said only time will tell if Zuckerberg made the right decisions. The last known sighting of Zuckerberg was on a plane to the Caribbean Islands.

Reader’s note: This story is purely satirical and is a spoof specifically for April Fools’ Day.

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