The Last Run

Annual Car Show in Ark City

Being a local Ark-citian. I’ve always been to the Last Run event for as long as I remember. The perfect mixture of food and car exhaust odor always reminds me of the nostalgic feeling a small town provides.

Provided by The AC Tumbleweeds


The Last Run car show is an annual three-day event held in late September that provides a variety of activities to the community. The event is hosted by The AC Tumbleweeds, a local car club that has been around since 1971. Their main show takes place around the block in Paris Park. Other activities will include a kickoff party, night cruise, night dance and much more. So, if you are looking to do something around campus this following weekend; this is the event to be at.



“ I don’t care what kinda of car you got, as long as you have the passion and drive to be wanting to be apart of it. Then that’s what I want. I want to incorporate more cars and people.” – Shane Frederick





Example of the Cars to Expect at the Last Run, Photos by Felipe Escalante

The new president Shane Frederick stated the purpose for the club is “ to bring the community together”; which by the look at this year’s schedule and the effort I’ve seen at their local meeting. They are definitely following that purpose. The Last Run is interacting with Cowley to present a craft show in the recreational building. Some of the other activities include a night cruise down Summit street. Followed by a night dance in Wilson Park.

1955 Chevy pick up project. Photo courtesy by Emily Ellis.
1948 Ford Pick up. Photo by Emily Ellis

The main event will show many classes of cars that range in style. You can most likely find every color in the spectrum splashed into your eyes at the show. A recent Cowley Graduate Emily Ellis recommends everyone should experience the night cruise, and especially the main show with “its positive atmosphere, music and the smell of exhaust.” Ellis graduated with an art major and loves to draw antique cars. Also, Ellis is currently working on a resto-mod of a 1955 Chevy pickup for next year show. Although. “be on the lookout for the hot girl in red lipstick driving a primer gray 1948 Ford pickup.” says Ellis.


If you haven’t experience the Last Run yet in your Cowley career. Then, this is a great glimpse of how the community interacts around here, and perfectly displays the metal masterpieces by the local car enthusiast.

-Felipe Escalante

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For more information about The AC Tumbleweeds visit their website by clicking here.