Spotlete: Teryn Scott

  1. How does it feel being a sophomore?

Being a sophomore is an amazing experience. Not only do I get to 10 new freshmen to call my sisters/teammates, but it also challenges me to be a better athlete and a better volleyball player. I have 10 freshmen looking up to me and at me for advice and guidance. It’s a challenge at times but I love having the chance to go back to Nationals again.


  1. What is your favorite thing about Cowley?

My favorite thing about Cowley is he people. There is endless community support for the volleyball program but also the people I see everyday on campus. The professors, my classmates, other coaches are always asking me how I am doing and how volleyball is going and it warms my heart.


  1. Do you have a warm-up song?

Warm up song would probably be Did I by Kehlani


  1. What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is mac and cheese


  1. What do you want to do after Cowley?

What I want to do after Cowley is go play volleyball at a 4 year for two more years and start nursing school.