Tiger Tech Bytes: Mac vs Windows PC duking it out

The ongoing battle for the top operating system have been waging for years now. Apple, who makes the Macintosh operating system, and Microsoft, who makes the Windows operating system, are bitter rivals. Each company says they have the best components or the best customer service. Really the matter is just a personal choice and I will demonstrate.

The average user throughout their school career will use Windows, since Windows computers are cheaper than their Apple counterparts. Most schools throughout the country will stick with Windows unless they have the money to acquire Apple. Windows computers are what everyone has grown accustomed to and the only chance that people can use Macs is if they involved themselves in newspaper or yearbook. Some schools though do have the funding for Macs and use them intensively.

When the normal user wants to just do simple things such as surf the Internet, create documents for classes and chat with friends then Window computers are the way to go. If students want to go further and use the technology that is on the cutting edge Apple is the way to go.

Prices for each one vary and the customization also varies as well. Apple is the more expensive way to go and the abilities of upgrading are limited to just Apple products. But the service you get with Apple is by far the cutting edge and the warranties are second to none.

Windows computers give you the abilities to upgrade and build your own systems. Prices are also less as well but that comes at a cost. Customer service is very limited depending on which company you purchase from and warranties last a year at the most unless you have an extended warranty.

Depending on what you want to spend and how you want to spend your money is a personal choice. I have had the pleasure of working with both Macs and PCs and if I had the choice to go through it all over again I would go with Apple. Apple computers that I have used are always simple and easier to work with than the PCs I have used. Also, Apples rarely, if at all, get viruses and are user friendly. I also use many programs that are intensive and Apple has never failed.

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