Blasting away Space Pirates and energy sucking Metroids with Team Ninja

Metroid has been a big Nintendo franchise since the times of the Super Nintendo. Sure, it has never been as big as Nintendo games like Mario and the Legend of Zelda, but it has still been a strong series.

First, we had the original 2-D Metroid games, and then it moved to the 3-D Metroid Prime games that Retro Games created. Now, Nintendo has handed the Metroid title to another group, Team Ninja, the geniuses behind the Ninja Gaiden series.

The new title is called Metroid: The Other M, and it explores the past of Samus Aran (the main protagonist in the Metroid series). Team Ninja has always had a knack for storytelling, as seen in the epic story of the Ninja Gaiden games.

The Other M looks like it will not disappoint the amazing story lines of the Metroid series, especially the Metroid Prime titles.

The Other M will be original in its own way. It is bringing back the 2-D side scrolling of the original Metroid, but combining it with 3-D.

Players will be able to switch freely between the 2-D side scrolling and shooting from a 3-D mode. Although, the problem is players will not have the option of moving around in the 3-D mode. It is mostly for looking around the area, not for playing through the entire game.

The game is meant to be played mostly in the 2-D.

Team Ninja is bringing the signature no-holds-barred action of Ninja Gaiden. Samus Aran will perform melee combat in this game.

Not just any melee combat, it is more like Ryu Hayabusa combat. Samus will be throwing her enemies around and laying the smack down on the likes of Ridley and other such enemies.

The game uses an auto-lock-on, something that 2-D side scroller games normally do not have because it is part of the challenge to actually aim. Hopefully Team Ninja will provide the option to turn this off.

Fans of the Metroid series will have to keep their fingers crossed for this title. It has the potential to be great, but we will just have to see if Team Ninja pulls through and provides the Metroid killing goodness of the previous titles.

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