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Jane's Landing Cafe in Mulvane area

Jane's Landing Cafe

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Whether it’s a summer morning or a rainy afternoon, the smell of espresso is a promise to anyone that they can take on the day. Jane’s Landing, located at 1002 N 2nd Ave. in Mulvane, is a quaint coffee shop that serves the perfect amount of caffeine to start your daily adventure. It’s the perfect spot for Cowley’s students to get comfy and complete homework.

From teas to coffees to Italian sodas, they offer flavors for customers of different tastes. All of their syrups are made in shop, guaranteeing organic and simple.  This means anyone can customize their drink to perfection. Not only does Jane’s offer a plethora of beverages, but they also sell a variety of pastries. They promise to never sell their customers processed or GMO filled food, something not every café can provide. Vanilla cashew donut holes, housemade raw fig newtons, breakfast cookies, superfood filled cereals, and muffins are just the beginning of their selection. Caffeine and calories are the perfect study buddies.

One of Jane’s baristas,  Jennifer Spring, told the story of how Jane’s began.  She said it had been her cousin, Sara Erb’s, idea. While living in Brooklyn she became inspired by a coffee shop she visited every day. “Sometimes even twice a day,” said Spring. Erb became friendly with the baristas and loved how they knew her story and she knew theirs’. Coffee is not just a beverage, it draws close connections. It allows people to vent about life in a casual setting. After coming back to Mulvane, she knew she wanted to offer the same thing to her hometown. From there, Jane’s Landing began.

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The shop is abundant in character, from the plant décor on the counters to the minimalistic design wall to wall. This creates a memorable atmosphere, making those there feel they’re somewhere important. Whether you’re looking for a place to hang out or buckle down and get some work done, Jane’s is sure to offer a friendly and delicious experience for any customer.


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-Cora Mertens, Photojournalist