Poppin’ Up On Cherry Tree Lane

Mary Poppins production a showstoping success

Mary Poppins Stage Scene. Color Photo
Mary Poppins wanted to show the kids that if you reach for the stars you’ll only ever get stars, but when you reach for the heavens you get the stars too. That is just what Mary did, she showed everyone in town the marvelous stars in the night sky. Every single person was completely awestruck from all the lights, and Mary’s flying of course. (photo by Emma Pray)

The whimsical and fantastical play of Mary Poppins, was one that shouldn’t have been missed. “I’m impressed! They did very well!” says play goer, Austin Rogers. One of the most theatrical areas of the play was when Mary Poppins flew across the stage. She seemed to glide through the air like a bird while hooked into her harness. However, she was not the only one that flew. The character by the name of Bert, also flew while the chimney sweeps were singing. He soared above the rooftops watching the sweeps work.

Mary Poppins Stage Scene. Balck and White photo
3. Michael finally got to fly is kite in the scene of […]. The park was hustling and bustling full of people who were also trying to fly their kites just as Michael was. Even though the kite eventually escaped Michael’s grasp, an amazing friend and nanny brought it back to him. (photo by Emma Pray)
Mary Poppins Stage Scene. Balck and White photo
In Jolly Holiday, many parkgoers joined Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael for
a stroll and dance through the park.
(photo by Emma Pray)


Another awe-inspiring and captivating aspect of this particular play, was all of the technology and lighting. During the scene where Mary talks about the stars and the heavens, the whole theater lit up in glorious lights. Wonderous greens, reds, blues, and purples filled the room and danced about the audience. The audience members were able to buy light up wands just for this scene, and were able to wave them around to incorporate members into the play. This play definitely proves that “anything can happen if you let it.”

– Emma Pray, Staff Member