New Ways of Using the Restroom

Changing the way students use the restrooms

Universal sign for new restrooms

Through the need, requests, and support of Cowley College President Dr. Dennis Rittle and Director of Student Affairs Jason O’Toole, the college decided to update two restrooms to universal restrooms.

The two universal restrooms will be put in place across the band room and up the stairs in Galle-Johnson. The new restrooms are in the center of the college so it will be easier to access for students, faculty, and guests at the college.

Together the faculty is trying to help students who feel more welcome by building universal restrooms for students.

“The goal is to offer access to some flexible spaces which the college did not previously offer,” said President Dr. Dennis Rittle.

Cowley is not the only college that offers universal restrooms for students. According to, the University of New Mexico has universal restrooms and lockers for the students that attend UNM.

Deb Layton is the Phi Theta Kappa advisor and faculty liaison that works with students. Layton worked with the Title XI Coordinator Jim Brown to get the information across for the need of the universal restroom.

“We really want the college environment to be home away from home for our students and anything that we can do to provide them with that sense of belonging on our campus,” said Deb Layton, PTK advisor and humanities instructor.

– Leah Darnell, Sports Editor