D.I.Y. to destress

A few ways to take your mind off of finals


Specialty Lamp Shade


Avengers symbol on a lampshade

Items Needed:

Lamp Shade Picture Construction Paper Sewing Needle


1. Measure your lamp shade.
2. Print o a picture to the size of lamp shade.
3. Grab your sewing needle.
4. Place map over construction paper.
5. Poke hole through both sheets
of paper.
6. Wrap around lap shade and glue in placeNew York Skyline on a lampshade .








Washi Type Keyboard



Items Needed:Pink Wavy keyboard

Favorite Colored Tape Straight Edge Knife Pen


1. Place strips of tape over each rows of keys.

2. Cut each strip so only the keys are covered.

3. Write the names on the top of each key.


Colorful Laptop keyboard






Rainbow Light Bulb

Items Needed:

New Light Bulb Favorite Color Markers Lamplight bulb 3


1. Get a new light bulb.
2. Use your favorite colored markers.
3. Color the light bulb in the design of your choice.
4. Screw in light bulb.
5. Turn on lamp.

 rainbow light bulb

–  Will Tapedo, Staff Member