Is life simpler with or without debts?

In life various circumstances come where we don’t have the money on ourselves to pay our way out and hence, we opt for debts. But are they really beneficial to us in the long run? As per my opinion I don’t think that debts are helpful to us in the long run because many other problems can arise. Debts, especially business debt consolidation is a temporary solution. No doubt it helps us during our time of need, but what happens after? We have to pay the amount back with an added interest, and truth be told, not everyone can afford that.

Some risks of business debt consolidation.

  • The amount of money you think you are saving isn’t always fulfilled because half your money goes in paying interest.
  • You sometimes are not able to identify as an accountable party for these debts.
  • Debt consolidation is a means of just shuffling your money around.
  • Debt consolidation also means that you will stay in debts for a longer period of time than necessary.
  • It is extremely difficult to find a financial balance in life again. You tend to not know how to manage your money, as you don’t understand where your money is going half of the time.
  • The additional risk of damaging your credit score is always looming over your head, because all the consolidation debts will directly or indirectly reflect on your credit score.
  • There is a huge difference between debt consolidation and debt relief.