The Most Recommended Photobooth Singapore of 2022

More modern and more innovative with different picture styles! and connected to social media. An event photo booth singapore is the most advanced tool. They know how to take a step forward in any event and put the fan into your guests while leaving a constant memory for guests from the event!

GIF, boomerang, greeting videos, green screen, projecting the pictures in a nutshell. What the photo booth is capable of, your guests at the event will go crazy!

For uncompromising quality, make sure to bring you to the event the highest quality photo booth on the market today! With the help of the two cameras in the position and the lighting array located at the top of the photo booth, each image is printed at the maximum quality!

Are you looking for something original for your event?

Something innovative? Are you tired of regular magnets at an event? Singapore Event photo booth is the ultimate thing for your event! Renting a fixed photo station for the business-wide exposure in networks.


After 7 seconds of filming, your guests get their photo-sized photos for the album. The quality of the pictures lies in attractive photo positions that will take your brand forward, a photo position that combines sharing on social networks strengthening the brand while remotely controlling the entire interface. Unusual for us!

Not just any pictures!

The photos come as both a fridge magnet and a high-quality table stand! Guests can show off their photos anywhere in the house! In addition, guests choose the number of copies through the photo booth! This means every guest came out with many pictures!

March 20, 2022